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Sizes, shapes

Can the printer print round columns?
Printing columns of any configuration is possible.
How to build 2-story houses? What is the technological solution?
  1. Prepare the foundation using traditional methods.
  2. Print the walls of the 1st floor with the printer.
  3. Install the floor slab.
  4. Print the walls of the 2nd floor with the printer.
  5. Install the roof.
What is the performance of the printer?
The S-300 and S-500 printers are capable of laying the mixture at a speed of up to 25 м² of single-chamber wall per hour (or up to 2.5 м³ of concrete per hour). The performance of other models is 0.6 м³ per hour, which is approximately 10-12 м² of single-chamber wall.
What other forms of application are there for the printer?
Our printers allow you to realize any design ideas and get exclusive design. You can print:
  • small architectural forms (street furniture, fences, fountains, etc.)
  • reinforced concrete products (rings, wells, lintels, stairs, towers, boxes, etc.),
  • architectural elements and decor.
  • You can see examples of our work in the "projects" section.
What is the maximum size of an object that the printer can print (length, width, height)?
The largest printer, the S-500, in its standard configuration has a working area of 11 x 29 x 14 meters. Upon request, the working area of the printer can be increased to 340 м² (31 x 11 meters) with a height of up to 80 meters.
What are the maximum and minimum wall thickness limitations?
The thickness of the printied layer (the non-removable formwork inside and outside the wall that the printer produce) can be from 3 to 5 cm. The gap between the layers can be of any size, which is calculated based on the material used to thermal insulation purposes.
What is the maximum possible area for building a house?
With the S-500 printer model, it is possible to print on foundations up to 340 m².