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Do we need drainage? What is the flow rate, frequency, and composition of wastewater?
The volume corresponds to the consumption for washing. The wastewater composition includes cement and non-metallic materials with a fraction of up to 2.5 mm.
How often do we need to clean the printer?
Cleaning should be done once per shift. Technical maintenance should be performed daily, weekly, and monthly.
What is the power consumption in kW/h?
For example, the power consumption of the most popular S-6044 Long printer is 3.5 kW, and the S-300 printer is up to 5.5 kW.
What is the mixture flow rate, temperature, and storage conditions?
The flow rate is up to 0.6 m³/hour. The mixture should be stored dry at a temperature not lower than 5°C and a humidity level not exceeding 60% without condensation formation.
What are the requirements for water supply (water quality, pressure, flow rate)?
The flow rate for technical washing of equipment is 0.3 m³/hour. The cleaning is carried out with the help of a high-pressure washer and can be done from a pressureless tank. Water is also needed for preparing the printing mixture.