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What is the productivity of a construction 3D printer?

Depending on the printer model, it ranges from 0.6 m³/hour to about 20 m² of single-chamber wall. The productivity of a specific model is specified in the table with the characteristics of each printer.

What can be the printing speed? (to print, for example, a house box with an area of 100 m² and 1 floor)

If printed on a S-300 printer (up to 20 m² of wall per hour), it is possible to print a 100 m² building within 40-48 printing hours.

What is the working area of the printer?

The S-300-2 printer in the base configuration has a working area of 11 x 18 meters. It means that the printing area can reach up to 180 m2 for a one-storey building.

Where can printers be used?

  • Printers can be used to manufacture:
  • Small architectural forms (street furniture, fences, sculptures, etc.)
  • Reinforced concrete products (rings, wells, beams, stairs, towers, boxes, etc.)
  • Architectural elements
  • House kits (building elements for subsequent assembly on the foundation)
  • Print buildings on a construction site
You can see examples of work on the projects page