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Operation, maintenance

How is the system flushed?
Manually or using a high-pressure washer like Karcher.
Can it work in high humidity?
We recommend using our printers as workshop equipment for printing building elements and parts for subsequent assembly on the foundation. This does not mean that you cannot install the printer on a foundation and print entire houses. And every year, more and more of our customers resort to this printing method, which we consider to be very convenient. When printing on the foundation, normal operation is hindered by precipitation and wind. Therefore, you will need to equip a tent. As for frost, we have printed in winter at a temperature of -7°C with antifreeze additives. The equipment manual states:
Operating temperature range: 0°C to +50°C;
Humidity: ≤60% without condensation;
Write to us, and if desired, we will adapt the printer for installation on the foundation.
Printer operation mode and laying on concrete (continuity)
Our construction printers are professional equipment designed for high loads. You can work on it in three shifts if you want. The printer's service life is 30,000 hours. The material supply station requires periodic replacement of the gerotor pump stator, like all concrete pumps.