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Mixtures, materials

Will plain concrete mortar be suitable for this printer?
Yes, the construction printer prints with standard cement-based compounds, i.e. those that can be bought in almost any construction store.
What are the features of mixtures for this technology?
Our printers can print with ordinary sand concrete, which is available in every region.
What is the composition of the printing solution?
The printer prints with standard M300 sand concrete, i.e. with materials that are freely available on any construction market. If you use the M300 mixture, the characteristics will completely coincide with the declared ones. The operating instructions have technological regulations for the mixture, according to which it will not be difficult to prepare the necessary concrete for printing. When buying equipment, we teach you how to prepare the mixture yourself.
Is it possible to use fine-grained expanded clay as inert?
You can use any non-metallic materials with a fraction of up to 2.5 mm.
Is it possible to print without additional reinforcement, for example, with fiber?
Our printers can print with standard M300 sand concrete. Most our buyers do just that. You can add plasticizers, which are on sale in your region. The addition of polyester and glass fiber gives a slight increase in strength and provides crack resistance of long parts. That's exactly what the Danes did, catching up with the compressive strength to 350 units.
Do we need sand, crushed stone, and other materials to prepare concrete?
Cement, sand – up to 2.5 mm. If you use crushed stone, it should be agglomerated. You can add polyester or glass fiber to increase compressive strength and ensure crack resistance, plasticizers.
Is it possible to fill in polyurethane foam and fiberglass reinforcement inside?
The composition of the mixture can be any. The printer prints with any sand concrete, if you use a mixture of M300 – accordingly, the characteristics will be declared.
Insulation requirements? What is the application technology?
That's pure design decision. The printer lays concrete only, and then what to do with the structure should be decided by designers (to insulate, polish, paint, plaster). Everything depends on the purpose of the building and the region of construction.