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Equipment, models, additional equipment

Is it possible to install a printing mixture supply station from third-party manufacturers?
There are no special requirements. The mortar and concrete plant should prepare a mixture of the required density in small portions of 30-50 kg to have fresh material for printing all the time. Any mixer for preparing the mixture will do.
What configuration is needed to automate the process?
For production automation, a full set is needed: a printer + a mortar mixer + an automatic station for preparing and supplying the mixture + a high-pressure washer.
What is the maximum pressure for printer operation? Is a compressor required?
A compressor is not required, as the pasty mixture is fed by gerotor pumps. Additional equipment with dry mix feeders is possible. In this case, you will need a compressor.
What equipment should be chosen for small form printing?
The S-6044, S-6045 M, and S-6044 Long printers are ideal for making small forms (very convenient for organizing two-shift work). All characteristics and distinctive features are described on our website.
What is the lifespan of printers?
All printers have a lifespan of 30,000 hours, except for the S-6045 M, which has a lifespan of 40,000 hours.
What power supply is required, 220 or 380V?
Workshop printers are initially designed for 220V, but another option is possible upon request. The S-300 printer is designed for 380V.