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Characteristics of the 3D printed objects

What are the properties of the resulting concrete product – strength, frost resistance, etc.?
The printer does not provide building design characteristics, just as a crane used on a construction site does not provide building strength. The printer is simply a tool for laying concrete. The strength, thermoinsulation, moisture resistance, seismic resistance and other characteristics of a building are determined during the design process. The construction of walls is laid out according to the design, their thickness is calculated, the need and options for reinforcement are determined, and the grades of concrete and foam concrete are calculated. It is this that ensures the desired characteristics of the structure. The printer will print what has been designed in the project.
How do the layers adhere to each other in terms of strength?
The layers adhere to each other due to such properties of concrete as adhesion and under their own weight. When the 10th layer is printed, the 1st is already solidifying. The tests carried out during the certification of the equipment showed that the printed structures are not inferior in strength characteristics to monolithic ones.
How to insulate the outer wall?
There are several materials to provide the thermal insulation. It can be sand concrete, foam concrete, non-autoclave aerated lightweight cellular concrete, polyuretane foam or other material solution to this issue is being worked out at the design stage. The printer will print what you have provided in the project. Technologically, construction printing can be described as follows:
  1. The printer prints the outer and inner contour of the wall with bulkheads (look at the video. The thickness and heat capacity of the future wall is set by the project.
  2. Post-reinforcement (if it's necessary according to the project).
  3. Filling of filler in the cavity of the walls by thermal insulation in accordance with the project
The design of the walls is laid by the project, their thickness is calculated, the need and reinforcement options are determined, grades of concrete and foam concrete are calculated.
What is the final strength of the walls?
It's determined by the project. The designer calculates the required wall thickness, the grade of concrete that will be poured into the cavity of the wall, the need for reinforcement and its order.
What kind of foundation is needed for printing?
The foundation is determined by the project depending on what you print, soils, seismicity. Generally, the foundation is a monolithic slab.