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Business planning

Is there any more detailed information on this equipment for writing a business plan?

To write a business plan, first of all, you have to decide what you will produce by the printer.
There are many options. Which printer model will suit you depends on this. Then you should calculate the business model (income, expenses (initial, constant, variable), financial plan).
If you are just starting a business, we would recommend you consider the possibility of producing outdoor furniture (benches, flowerpots, fences, etc.). You can calculate the cost price easily here and organize sales quickly.
You can see examples of finished products produced by a construction printer in the Projects section.

What investments will be required?

Minimum, you need: a room for production with electricity and water, a construction printer, a stirrer, a salary for 2 people. Consumables: mixtures for printing.

What are the risks?

First of all, it is the human factor, as in any business. We don't know what you are like as technical specialists, builders, entrepreneurs. The risks associated with printers are minimal: all the models offered are reliable production equipment with a large working resource.

Where to start?

  1. Clearly define what and of what size you want to print;
  2. Get familiar with the equipment and choose a model;
  3. Sign a supply agreement and attend training at the specified time;
  4. Then, start working.